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Shark Tales: A Hilarious Children's Books Series - in Danish, English and German

Dive into an ocean of laughter and excitement with our series of children’s books that follow the hilarious escapades of our lovable shark characters and marine life.

Join them on their daring quests, where they navigate the deep sea, encounter colorful marine creatures, and embark journeys filled with friendship, humor, and plenty of surprises.

These engaging stories are perfect for young readers from 3-10 years old, who love sharks, laughter, and imaginative adventures.

Let your imagination swim wild as you join our funny finned heroes on their underwater exploits. Get ready for laughter, excitement, and a splashing good time!

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Books by Kids, for Kids: A Children's Book Series

It started with “The Shark That Lost a Tooth“, a story that I wrote for my daughter when she was 3. 

While working on all the pages, I enlisted the creative assistance of my two nephews while crafting all the pages. They loved it – and their input made the book so much more fun. A year after publishing my first Danish children book I wrote “The Shark That Only Wanted French Fries” with my then editor team, Bernie and Rumle (6 and 8 years old). 

I love making books with my family. Children have the best imagination. Anything is possible in the Shark Tale Stories, and we chose to take on subjects that are important for children. 

The first book is about being affraid and friendship, and the next is about diet. Number three is coming soon and this book will be about sleeping habits.