The Shark that lost a Tooth – english paperback format

kr. 80,00

Signed copy with a personal greeting from the writer! The perfect gift for baby-showers or partents to be. Will be shipped in Denmark in approx 4 days.

A little yellow fish lives all alone at the bottom of the ocean.
Afraid to talk to anyone. Afraid to swim too far away. Afraid of everything.
One day the little yellow fish meets a big shark that needs its help…
Will the little yellow fish help the shark?

This picture book was created with children for children. It is beautifully illustrated with images of the ocean and the seabed.On some of the pages the children are being asked to engage and find things.
This book also has an environmental touch, as the children are asked to find the plastic in the ocean.

As plastic in the ocean is a big problem, the publisher BruunsBooks will donate part of the books sales to the nonprofit organization “The Ocean Clean Up Project”.

You can make a difference by purchasing the book and leaving a review.
Let’s make the world a better and cleaner place for our children.


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